I am Regents Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona.   Before coming to the U. of Arizona in 2006, I was an Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Director of the Spanish Translation Certificate Program at Arizona State University. Previously I spent two years as an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Indiana University (for my degrees click here).

I am a linguist who works primarily in two areas: Spanish Phonology and Translation Studies/Applied linguistics (list of select publications).

My phonological research is in generative phonology, within the optimality-theoretic framework, and with a focus on syllabification (glides, diphthongs, resyllabification, etc.).   I also am also interested in how phonological theory can inform empirical/laboratory work and vice versa.   In addition to Spanish, I also work in the phonology of Galician, a Romance language of Spain closely related to Portuguese.

Within Translation Studies and Applied linguistics, my areas of research are translation pedagogy, language and translation competence acquisition, and translation quality assessment.   I am interested in the connections between communicative translation and language acquisition and in applied translation studies: i.e., applying research findings and conducting research to solve every day problems in translation (e.g., quality assessment).   I am equally interested in building bridges between research and practice, be it translation practice (by developing research-based solutions to every-day problems) or translation teaching (by developing principled methodologies and assisting teachers with their implementation).  I enjoy working in research projects that involve work in fields where translation is needed (health care, education, http://www.hablamosjuntos.org/mtw/default.toolkit.asp) and doing work with translators and interpreters.   This stems from years of work as a free-lance and in-house translator  and translation teacher  (see Outreach and Teaching )